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Green Home Mechanical, your trusted source for quality heating, ventilation and air conditioning products.Since 2003, Green Home Mechanical have been the Lower Mainland's trusted source for quality heating, ventilation and air conditioning products.  We supply, install, and service the following products:


Heating | Furnaces:

Green Home Mechanical offers gas furnaces that possess a variety of features and capabilities, including advanced energy efficiency. These systems are designed to deliver reliable and affordable heat and can significantly lower utility bills.


Heat Pumps:

A heat pump is a single system that operates as both an air conditioner and a heater. These all-season units provide comfort and efficiency through the entire year, keeping your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter.


Gas Fireplaces:

No longer are gas fireplaces cement logs with poor flame quality and lack luster heating performance.  The gas fireplace industry has evolved to efficient units that are now available clean face and linear in concept.


Air Conditioning:

Green Home Mechanical  is one of the industry’s leading contractors for central air conditioning. By offering high efficiency equipment that enables your system to run at lower power levels, central air can effectively cool a home while also minimizing energy costs and noise levels.  Air conditioning systems can be added to your existing forced air heating system or provided as a complete package.  Such systems can be installed into your attic space.


Ductless Splits:

This system is becoming a popular alternative to window units and can be used for both heating and cooling!  These units are very quiet and highly efficient.  The ductless system uses a discrete wall or ceiling mounted air-handler unit connected through the wall to a slim outdoor condensing unit, allowing a surplus of cool or heated air to circulate the room.  Ductless splits are the best solution to a home that does not have a forced air heating system.


High Velocity:

Have Green Home Mechanical design and install your high velocity heating and cooling system.  These systems can be retrofitted into older homes with hot water or electric heat besides the standard application into new home construction.  Since the air flow is distributed at greater velocities than conventional forced air systems; the ductwork and 2" flexible vent supplies prevents architectural disruption and reduces drops commonly found in most homes.


Geothermal Heat Pumps:

Geothermal systems are “the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective space conditioning systems today.  A geothermal or “ground-source” heat pump is an electrically-powered device that uses the natural heat storage ability of the earth and/or the earth’s groundwater to heat and cool your home.  The payback for most geothermal systems run from six to ten years dependent upon the initial investment cost.


Tankless Hot Water Heaters:

Improve the efficiency of heating your domestic hot water supply with an on-demand hot water heater.  You will soon discover the advantage of having endless amounts of hot water without paying for hot water storage.


Heating | Boilers:

For homes with radiant, baseboard, or in-floor heat, Green Home Mechanical can install a state of the art, high efficiency boiler that integrates with your home system to form an ideal central heating source.


Indoor Air Quality | Air Purifiers:

Comfort isn’t just about the temperature of your home.  In fact, Green Home Mechanical is also a recognized leader in systems that ensure the quality of air that you breathe.  From germicidal lamps and electronic air cleaners to whole-house air purification systems, we offer the optimal air quality solutions for your home. Our most powerful products, known as High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration systems, remove nearly 100% of airborne particles, as well as bioaerosols, odors, and chemical vapors. An air purification system controls contaminants by eliminating them at the source, ensuring that the air you breathe is clean and healthy.


Indoor Air Quality | Humidifiers:

Establishing balanced, consistent humidity levels is another way to maintain a healthy, comfortable environment in your home. Green Home Mecahnical’s whole house humidifiers are designed to add moisture and reduce static electricity to every room in the house during the dry winter months.  Humidifiers also protects your family from skin conditions and even your hardwood floors.



Let Green Home Mechanical supply and install the quietest and most effective in bathroom and kitchen fans.  We can also provide heated make-up air systems where the kitchen range hood exhaust rate exceeds your home requirements per the Building Code of 2006.  With the addition of in line fans, one can common vent multiple bathrooms or reduce the sound level for kitchen exhausting.  Concerns with dryer venting being excessively long with too many elbows can be address by implementing a dryer booster fan with a lint trap installed for easy cleaning access.


HRV's (Heat Recovery Ventilators):

Heat Recovery Ventilators provide heat transfer from stale inside air passing through a matrix core in which outside fresh air is then distributed throughout your home.  These units vastly improve the air quality and energy savings originally lost by the old method of introducing fresh air into your home by running your bathroom fan continuously.


Sheet Metal Work:

This well-known specialty of Green Home Mechanical enables us to provide a uniquely comprehensive group of HVAC services. We custom manufacture all required ductwork in this division. In-house production eliminates a need for sheet metal subcontractors and saves overall project time for our clients. In addition, Green Home Mechanical sheet metal mechanics are experts in system installation.


Gas Fitting:

The versatility and efficiency of Green Home Mechanical to handle an entire project is evident when you consider that we run a separate division to handle pipefitting, a critical part of the process. Our crews of licensed plumbers and gas fitters work on the diverse range of systems GHM designs and builds.

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