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Green Home Mechanical offers gas furnaces that possess a variety of features and capabilities, including advanced energy efficiency. These systems are designed to deliver reliable and affordable heat and can significantly lower utility bills.


Furnaces have changed since 20 years ago. Design and technologies have brought furnaces into the new age with efficiencies ranging from 90% to 98%.  This compares to 20 years ago when efficiencies averaged around 70% and that with test standards being more simplified then today.  Mind you, that 20 year old furnaces are probably averaging  around 50% after all that "wear and tear".


These 90% to 98% high efficiency furnaces actually now comprise of two heat exchangers. This allows the furnace to extract greater heat transfer thus greater efficiencies.  As the heat transfer reduces the exhaust temperature significantly, we must exhaust the products of combustion with a different type of vent system, usually 636 PVC.  The existing vent is then utilized by the hot water tank in most cases or simply capped off.  With this low temperature exhaust; condensate is formed, captured, and must be removed to drain or to a condensate pump for evacuation.


Add two stage heating to the equation and you have a more comfortable heating curve in your home verses the usually oversized existing furnace your home may have.  Upon the call for heat, the furnace will fire into its first stage of heating varying from a derated input of 30% to 40% dependent on the manufacturer's design.  If the call for heat extends past a set duration of time; the furnace will kick into full input, hence second stage.  This once again provides a more comfortable heat and energy savings. Some furnace models even provide modulating input for greater comfort and money back into your pocket.


Finally; with technology, the furnace fans are now available with variable speed dc motors.  As compared to most original furnaces with ac motor, this provides more consistent airflow and can reduce electrical consumption by half.


After we perform a heat loss calculation on your home, we find that most new furnaces will require a lower input level that the original furnace.

Once again, more energy savings in your bank account.


It is recommended by Green Home Mechanical to upgrade to a two stage variable speed furnace for maximum comfort and savings.


Have us visit for a free consultation to help you start saving on your heating bill today.

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